Minards Pavlou, Liverpool
We have been sending out hampers and gifts at Christmas and Eid as thank you gifts for several years and have in the past used various other companies, with very varying levels of success. However from the feedback I have had this year, the hampers you sent out on our behalf have all been very well received and have indeed excelled on every front. You excel not only in your helpfulness when ordering and the customer service that you have shown us but also in the quality of the goods supplied. We have been very pleased to find a quality supplier locally and we will indeed be using your services again in the very near future.


Beverley Harrison, Derbyshire
I have given several companies a lot of loyalty and custom over the years but I have never come across any that takes customer service so sincerely nor one that cares so genuinely about giving real quality care and satisfaction. I have certainly never been shown the level of appreciation that you have given to me by any other company and once again I find myself amazed at your generosity, quality and care.


Mick Jarrett, Dorchester
I found the whole experience of dealing with your helpful staff a real pleasure and with very little fuss. Well done.


Holly Moy, London
Hamper House, you are truly amazing and one of a kind, I don't think it would be possible to find such lovely, personal service anywhere else! Being far away from my boyfriend on the day he was poorly, you were fantastic at helping me create a personalised hamper containing a host of goodies to keep him happy, with everything I wanted with a few little extras thrown in besides! The hamper was lovely, my boyfriend was thrilled, I'm told the contents were delicious and all top quality ...and incredibly you were able to deliver in person the day I ordered, all for an amazing price! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You made me and my boyfriend's day, and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a personalised, thoughtful gift for a loved one. Thanks again! x


Evans & Lewis Insurance, Staffordshire
We are using Hamper House to deliver hampers to our clients. We wanted to source a quality product and Hamper House are giving us an excellent and prompt service. We are finding this service a huge asset to our business and would happily recommend them.


Mark Geaney, Liverpool
Thanks for the delivery. Its really great top service and i will buy again. Very polite and professional.


Nicky Day, Cumbria
The baby hamper I ordered was lovely. The people who received it thought it was such a good idea. Thanks again, for something different.


P. Aslam, Chesham
Just want to say what a pleasure it was to have ordered this hamper from you. Not only was it beautifully packaged but the produce was of high quality. Most certainly will order again.


Michael Froggitt, Essex
Was very happy with order that I placed they were both excellent. Many thanks. Will recommend you to both friends and family.


Catriona Mayland, Liverpool
I was pleased with the hampers I ordered and appreciated the efforts to keep my husband's one 'nut-free'.