SPRIG Tea Green Tea with Tulsi (Pack of 25 Sachets)

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  • COLD-CRAFTED FRESH TENDER GREEN TEA POWDER: Fresh, tender green tea leaves are converted to powder within 4 hours of plucking. All the goodness of the leaves is retained as there is no heating or drying involved.
  • THE IMMUNITY WARRIOR: This TE.A combines fresh, tender green tea powder with the amazing health benefits of Tulsi (Holy Basil). It is especially beneficial for the immune system, provides antioxidants and relieves stress.
  • ALL THE GOODNESS – RETAINED: Cold-crafting ensures that we do not need teabags, which means we do not throw away the beneficial green tea leaves. TE.A is fully soluble in water, which means you get all the goodness in your cup.
  • USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Simply empty the sachet into hot or cold water and enjoy. 2 healing cups a day help build our body’s immunity from within.
  • BOX INCLUDES: 25 sachets in one box