Mr Filbert’s Keto Selection Box

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If you are living a low-carb lifestyle then finding new and interesting snacks is always a treat! Mr Filbert’s Keto Selection is the perfect treat for yourself, a gift or for sharing with friends and family. Made up of a delicious selection of Mr Filbert’s snacks, it’s guaranteed to please!

A wonderful combination of nut and olive snacks.

Mr Filbert’s Keto Selection contains a range of snacks suitable for a no added sugar, low carboydrate, high protein diet.

Mr Filbert’s nut snacks are hot air roasted, making them healthier than traditional oil fried snacks – Mr Filbert’s olive snacks are packed with flavour but without the stones, oil or mess!

Mr Filbert’s Selection Boxes are bursting with unique and delicious snacks, selected with you in mind – Enjoy our fabulous snacks knowing we use 100% natural ingredients.

People love sharing and enjoying tasty food – This is why Mr Filbert’s creates gourmet snacks, using only the finest and freshest ingredients, to ensure you’re getting only what nature intended.