L’Héritage Chocolates Tall Rigid Box Blue 56pc Belgian Chocolates 720g Christmas

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Premium quality made with the best Belgian Callebaut chocolate.
Very nice rigid box in high-end quality, inluding nice golden satin ribon and hangtag.

The tall rigid box contains an assortment of 56 exquisite chocolates.

l’Héritage Chocolates

The Belgian heritage means a great deal to us, and is reflected in the ingredients we still use today. Our passion for belgian chocolates is translated into an exacting list of requirements that meets or exceeds industry standards. Belgian chocolates made from 100% cocoa butter. No artificial colours or flavours, ever. No HVOs. And no GMOs either. That’s how we uphold the value of tradition – and help to ensure that the planet continues to provide us with top quality cacao. In an age when transparency and purity are dear to consumer hearts, it’s also our way of supporting the integrity of our brands.